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Unity and Accountability | Manager Success

Unity and Accountability

How to achieve unity, accountability and integrity from teams

You get the best Secrets on how to deal with difficult people. This is a game changer!

Strategic success is going be tough to achieve if key managers and work teams won’t cooperate for the greater good. You’re dreamin’ if you expect this cooperation to happen all by itself; patterns of conflict amongst people and organizations occur naturally but aren’t eliminated naturally.

Going through our program will create the highest integrity in working relationships between lines of business, teams and individuals. Accountability, unity and focus will be increased. Longstanding conflict will be reduced or eliminated. As a result, unity and focus of purpose will be achieved. Argue with that, why dontcha?

The creation of integrity and cooperation in working relationships is the essential deliverable of Dealing with Difficult People AKA Everyone Else. The whole thing is driven by our three rules:

1. Confront Yourself
When you understand your own motivations and thought processes, you can control your reaction to confrontation when it happens.

2. Assume No Disrespect
We judge ourselves by our intentions, which are always pure and logical. We judge others by their behaviors, which are often suspect and delusional. In reality, the actions of others are rarely motivated by disrespect. Once that’s understood, a lot of the hostility and misunderstanding that fuels confrontation, or the fear of it, is eliminated.

3. Your Enemy Is Your Friend
The opposite point of view completes your own—this is the ultimate sophisticated view of work relationships. The opposite point of view can often highlights vulnerabilities in our own thinking, biases that we’re unaware of, and the all-important counterintuitive considerations.


Our workshop meets strategic unity right where it disintegrates and confrontation right where it happens. It provides permanent solutions to issues of conflict caused by work environment, communication, learning, meetings, time and project management, change, decision-making and job stress.

Your managers and work teams will absolutely gain greater self-awareness, pragmatic solutions to resolving conflicts with others, greater incentive to confront situations and individual action steps for implementing the solution. Those situations most likely to cause confrontation will be identified and solutions will be explained. People will learn which situations cause which behavior patterns to emerge in themselves and others, and how to structure work and communication about work to prevent negative confrontation. Permanent methods to resolve longstanding confrontational issues will actually be developed within this session. Best methods for creating strategic and performance goal unity amongst individuals, work teams and organizations will be permanently imbedded.

What you get

  • Provides permanent solutions to issues of conflict caused by work environment, communication, learning, meetings, time and project management, change, decision-making and job stress
  • Improves integrity in working relationships: accountability, respect and growth
  • Reduces silo behavior in organizations
  • Causes unity and focus in working relationships
  • Eliminates traditional rivalries between lines of business (e.g., sales and engineering)
  • Fast-tracks the success of virtual teams
  • Causes high degree of respect for diverse viewpoints

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We deliver results through comprehensive consulting solutions that target enterprise-wide issues and individual training programs that can reach every manager in a company. We’ve been doing this awhile: All of our solutions and programs have been well researched and exhaustively beta-tested in the world of business before we offered them to you here.

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